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Tracing Agent, Process Server and Investigations

Find missing relatives, locate lost friends and other missing people

Do you need to trace a missing person or absconding debtor, or simply need help finding lost relatives or lost friends?

With over 20 years experience as tracing agents, Stewart Barnes Associates will help you find a missing person anywhere in the UK. Please see our Tracing Agent Services for more details.

Process Serving

Process Serving is a core service for Stewart Barnes Associates. We are able to serve your court or legal documents quickly and efficiently anywhere in the UK. Please see our Process Serving Services for more details.

Investigation Services

Stewart Barnes Associates is experienced in investigative services for commercial and private clients. We are a member of the Association of British Investigators, the oldest and most respected body in the industry. Further information is available on our Investigation Services page.

Status and Credit Reporting

We offer a range of status and credit checking services on corporations and individuals, providing credit information and credit status - crucial information to precede financial transactions or debt recovery. Please see our Status and Credit Reporting page for more information.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery and debt collection services are provided by our associate company Debt Recovery Consultants

Contact Stewart Barnes Associates and let us help you today.