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Status and Credit Reporting

Do you know who are you trading with?

It is important to know who you are trading with - in order to reduce the risks to your business from bad debt or business failure of your customers or clients.

In addition to your own vetting process an independent Credit Report fro a professional credit checking agency is an excellent way to identify adverse credit history, helping you to make an informed decision when considering trading with a new company.

Can your recover your debt?

A status report can be of considerable benefit, both in identifying assets and recovery methods.

When there is a need to recover a debt, the worst case scenario is to spend a good deal of money taking the person to Court, only to discover that they do not have the resources to settle the debt. A status report can help you avoid further non-recoverable financial losss.

If your debtor is in a position to settle the debt, a professional status report may help avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation, resulting in a fast, amicable settlement.


Stewart Barnes Associates provides either Basic or more detailed Full Credit Check and Status Reports for companies, partnerships and individuals.




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